5 Reasons Why Your Social Media Campaign Sucks

5 Reasons Why Your Social Media Campaign Sucks

Most business owners these days are following the wrong social media approach. It is no longer just the volume tweets it takes for you to make sales. We use content marketing and email strategies. Social media is now a very lucrative method to generate that income you always hope for.

But, most businesses are doing social media strategy the wrong way. Here are five main reasons why your social media marketing method sucks and how you can fix it.

1. Social PR

This is the biggest mistake most businesses commit - spending too much time on increasing the number of followers or fans. Remember vanity metrics don’t result in sales. Go organic! It may take years but it will result in ‘real’ clients who will use or buy your service. You should treat social media much more like a traditional PR. For instance reach out to targeted groups. Let’s say, you have a product for mothers and you want sales. Contact Facebook groups dedicated to mothers instead of building up your own FB page or group which will take years to get real potential customers.

2. No conversations

It is common practice among businesses not to talk to other users and firms through their social media accounts. Thus they fail to develop a good rapport with potential clients. If you are building a social presence keep in mind that you need to build relationships. Prove to them that you actually take time to read their tweets and see their profiles. This will make you stand out. In simple terms, keep the conversations going with your fans and followers.

3. Ignoring data and analytics

Many companies sit on top crucial data and their analytics. If you don’t open up crucial information, it is like dumping your business resources into a river bed. There are so many companies who still can’t give me the peak time for them to do a social post. They even don’t know who the main influencers in their niche are. And most of all, they can’t show me which posts are generating activity. So, it is crucial you treat your social media analytics and data like you treat Google analytics.

4. Wrong software

There are lots of businesses which feel that social media takes up too much of their resources and time. If that is true, they are still not using the right software that will maximise efficiency.You need tools that are for market research, checking analytics, following conversation and content. If you've got your tools right, social media can be a simple daily half an hour job.

5. Content is still the king

One of the biggest mistakes that we face today is the assumption that cheap content can still work for the online audience. Don’t expect dramatic results when you can’t provide high-quality content. Remember, the content is your voice which makes the sales to your social audience. You must show how well you maintain your blog with highly useful stuff for your audience. To do this right, you need to find out who are your customers, what language they speak and so forth. Point #3 will help you get a detail view of your audience’s need.

Using these tips will help greatly to add value to your business. Why not try it out?


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