Choosing the right Website Design Agency

Choosing the right Website Design Agency

Today we see loads of new and upcoming website design agencies, all competing for the right to be hired. However, not many of these are actually offering their services in a professional manner. There are some things that each and every one of you should be aware of when choosing and hiring a website design agency.

Wired Monkey recommends following the tips below when trying to figure out which web design agency is best for you.

Check out these tips:

Get to know the agency, its people, and their history

You can tell a lot about a particular agency by looking at not only its people, but also its clients. Check out their history and who they've worked with. What do people say about them? But never judge them before giving them a shot. If you find yourself being interested in one web design agency, make sure that you get in touch. Provide your plans/ideas to the designers and just see what they've got to say. After you go through some ideas together, you can then decide whether or not to hire them.

Make sure the agency can serve your needs in a timely manner

The word you're looking for here is 'availability'. And that's one very important aspect of literally any website design agency out there. You need to make sure these designers can and will be able to stay up to speed with your updated instructions. In other words, find out the agency's turnaround time, contact information and what days/hours they are available.

That's what we are proud of here at Wired Monkey. We take great honor in respecting our clients' wishes as fast as it is humanly possible.

Find out more about the team

Another great tip is to look into the core team of the website design agency. Look at their staff quantity but also quality. Remember, having more members doesn't particularly mean a certain design agency is the best. There are plenty of agencies out there with extremely capable yet undervalued designers.

Don't rush on your decision. When you find an agency you like at first sight, check them out, give them a chance and you might be surprised.

Is the team professional, and almost constantly available?

Talk with the team you are interested in. Find out whether you are able to create a stable and respectable relationship with the members of a particular web design team. When discussing possible business plans with the agency, take note of whether or not they are actually taking their time to invest into your project.

Even before you make a deal, are they trying to impress you? Are they suggesting ideas for your plans and further showing real interest?

Find out what can they do, what are their limits?

In other words, find out the capability of the web design agency. It's really helpful to talk about this with them and just become aware of what they can and cannot do. Also, do not hesitate to ask about any special requests you may have now or later down the road. Any possible question, no matter how irrelevant or "weird" it may sound - ask it.

You need to make sure they "get" both you, your needs and requirements.

Talk about who is going to do the heavy lifting

Make sure you find out who in particular will be handling your project. Who will be in charge of what, and will you be able to get in 1 on 1 contact with them? Also, in case a certain agency will outsource some or all of the work, ask about getting in touch with the team they are outsourcing it to.

Even though Wired Monkey take great pride in having our own dedicated design team, there are other agencies out there who even themselves aren't fully aware yet of who is going to complete the task.

Also, make sure you check whether or not the agency is aware of the back-end code quality. Do they follow the latest legal and standard-quality requirements?


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