Chrome and Firefox Users Make Better Employees

Chrome and Firefox Users Make Better Employees

A recent study conducted by Cornerstone OnDemand has suggested that employees who use Chrome and Firefox browsers are better than those who use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer!

The research firm came to the conclusion after gathering data from people who took part in their 45-minute online assessment, who then got a job. It was found that those who completed the online assessment and were found to have used Chrome and Firefox stayed in their job 15 per cent longer than those who didn't.

With the results being backed by a huge sample of 50,000 participants, the study is statistically significant and the research’s Chief Analytics Officer Michael Housman said the finding may have something to do with the fact that users of Chrome or Firefox browser were better informed.

The study was mostly concerned on those who are working in customer-service and the sales sector which are considered to be an industry where people with low skill level are employed with expectation of high turnover rates. In simple terms, these two sectors want their staff to stay even after their trainee period.

The study also throws up interesting statistical facts, besides being a good example of how big data statistics are crucial in arriving at judgments about human psychology. Now you just realized that most of the help queries could have been from your friends who are using IE rather than Chrome or Firefox. Maybe it’s time you ask them to start using Chome or Firefox ;-)


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