EE provides Wi-Fi calling for iPhone Users

EE provides Wi-Fi calling for iPhone Users

The two major phone makers Apple and Samsung have been trying to outdo each other in the UK. When news started pouring in that Samsung was coming up with a WiFi calling feature on its Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge devices, iPhone customers were given the feature within two days.

According to reports by CoolSmartPhone, service provider EE has added the WiFi calling feature to their customers' accounts over the last two weeks and that Apple's iOS 8.3 update has enabled the much talked about feature before Samsung handsets hit the stores.

However, like most Apple phones, there is a small catch. There has been reports that the WiFi Calling feature doesn't work well with Apple's Continuity feature  - where you can receive calls for your mobile number on any other device. Try switching on the Wi-Fi calls and you will get a prompt informing you that Wi-Fi Calling will disable this option.

Wi-Fi Calling give you the freedom to make and receive phone calls and also texts using your Wi-Fi network via using mobile number and it can be pretty useful when there is limited or a poor signal on your mobile but if you have a strong Wi-Fi network. Rival network providers Three and O2 are also offering Wi-Fi Calling via downloadable apps - inTouch and TuGo respectively. However, EE is the first network provider which had integrated directly the WiFi Calling directly into the handset's software.

There are already some conspiracy theorists who have suggested that Apple was forced to release the update because EE was reportedly focused and interested on Samsung's new flagships devices.


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