Mobile Marketing is 50% More Effective Than Social Media Marketing

Mobile Marketing is 50% More Effective Than Social Media Marketing

mCommerce or 'mobile marketing' is fast becoming popular because of its effectiveness when compared with social media marketing and the traditional email marketing method. The main reason being its affordability.

Here are the reasons:

1. Directly and Targeted

SMS marketing is a small but vital part of a mega mobile marketing campaign. Messages are sent right to the end-user’s phone of who you want to reach out to. The messages, from various studies, are in 98 per cent of cases opened and are read within a span of 15 minutes.  Social networking posts take much more time and are less personal. Users can easily miss or skip the messages.

2. Easy to measure and track ROI

A good SMS marketing platform will give you a complete insight into what exactly is happening to your messages. It will also show you who is opening it and whether there is any action taken by the reader. This will give you the chance to examine what is working and what is not, which is a valuable input when it comes to planning your future activity.

3. Most people have a smartphone

Many businesses are focusing on social media and email campaigns, not many are putting their efforts into providing ads for mobile-only users. For instance, 78 per cent of Facebook users are now mobile-only, something that often is not considered when you are linking through to video content or to websites that are not designed for mobile devices. When a mobile marketing campaign may include some social activity, it is much more than that.

4. Higher rate of engagement

Yes, it is true that most people check their phones at least 150 times a day! They are either looking at something, be it via social media or working on their favorite apps or reading  recent text messages. This shows that engagement rates are higher on mobile phones than on a desktop.

5. Unsaturated market

As a marketer and business owner, you must have noticed that email and social marketing are now too cluttered. SMS marketing technology can cut all that clutter without your message being lost in the chaos. This is the main reason why SMS is now the preferred choice of channel for keeping in touch with existing customers.

Consumers are being constantly bombarded lots of info and they have become experts in ignoring what is irrelevant to them. So, one way of getting their attention is to put out a relevant message that is highly targeted -  and SMS Marketing can do that.

As of today, receiving a direct SMS text message is still exciting, and the picture looks rosy because of the fact that offers sent via SMS are redeemed 10 times more than giving out in print offers. This highly effective and targeted marketing method remains largely untapped. Those who are serious about it can reap its benefits.


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