Six Tips on Word of Mouth Marketing

Six Tips on Word of Mouth Marketing

It’s every marketing company’s dream that their products and services are referred by their users to their friends and others by word of mouth. They love it when satisfied customers talk about how it changed their lives or the way they do things. With social media and review websites all around, online reputation is also very crucial. Positive comments can become the most power tool for getting your larger customer base. Word of mouth marketing can result in huge returns with little effort on your side.

Now, let’s look at six steps on how you too can harness the power of the word of mouth marketing method.

1. Be Really Amazing

You may think you are amazing but that is not always the case. If you look at yourself from the point of view of others, you and your service could just be average or just below what you had expected. So it is crucial to put yourself in others' shoes and judge yourself objectively. To ensure that you are fantastic with your service ask yourself these questions:-

  • Do I deliver what I promised to my customers?
  • Do I deliver it on time?
  • Do I go above and beyond the expectations of my clients by offering bonuses or extra services?

Now, if your answers are mostly “No”, it is clear that your clients are getting average or mediocre service. Your client is more likely to rate your service especially if he or she had a negative experience with you or your service. You should try to eliminate any chances of this from happening by keeping them in good humour as far as you can.

The result is worth the wait and effort. When you impress them, they will not be able to stop talking about you and your service when someone mentions such services or goods. If you can’t impress your clients with your service or products, no amount of word of mouth will help.

2. Be Visible

If you are now truly amazing, the next step is to position yourself or your service as a leading player in the sector.

For, this, you must decide what makes you unique from the rest:

  • Is there a stark difference in your product?
  • Is there something special about your service?
  • Do you know your sector like the back of your palms?

Whatever you do, you need to place yourself before the prospective clients in a place where they can see you. In simple terms, stand up and shout if you are sure about having AMAZING service and products.

After coming up with your Unique Selling Point (USP) you should put it up in relevant platforms which could be your own website, a blog or your social profile pages. You need to know where your target audiences are. For example, these could be Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, forums or blogs. Make sure you are available on these platforms. You may also contact influencers and ask them to post about you and your products as a guest post on their blog, or simply ask them to write a guest post for you.

Also, don’t over rely on online platforms –offline audience should be taken seriously as well. Take your service or products to trade shows and networking events to showcase your products. Additionally, take up presentations, talk shows or TV interviews.

3. Get Endorsement of Other Influencers

Now that you have established yourself as one confident influencer, is is time you start to win the support of other influencers. This is important especially if you are a new entry into a particular market segment. There will already be some major players and this means availability of some big influencers. Identify these influencers. They need not be celebrities but like any normal people who are experts in their own field. You should be looking for your niche market and checkout renowned blogs or forums, YouTube channels and even Instagram to find out who is the leading influencer in your market.

After identifying influencers, win them to your side maybe by subtly sharing their tweets or content, or commenting on their blog. You could also be available for interviews or enter into a partner in sponsored events.

Keep in mind, whatever you do, your main target is to get a positive outlook and attitude from such influencers so much so that when they talk about certain things, you and your products are the first things that come to their minds.

4. Identify Super-Customers

Influencers can help you spread the message but it is really the super-customer who does the real word of mouth marketing for you. How do you know who these clients are? They are the ones who frequently give ratings, comments and suggestions. They will talk positively about you to anyone.

Keep in mind that these people are your future brand advocates. Make them feel special. For this you can give out inside info, invite them to events, and provide them with your content or press releases before anyone else. It is also good to send them VIP communications. More important is thanking them for their business inputs and insights.

If you are successful in creating positive relationship with them, they will feel like they have a personal bond with your brand. They will feel like talking about your products to others.

5. Be Social

People love to talk about brands on social media. So, you should be active to ensure they are talking about you and your service,.

Sign up on social media sites like Hootsuite and send regular posts to your target audience. Inform with latest news, content and other service. If you can come up with irresistible content, your audience are sure to retweet and share them, which will increase your word of mouth reach.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Asking questions sounds simple but most companies are afraid of doing it. There is nothing to be afraid of if you have followed all the above steps. Just ask your influencers for a referral. After establishing cordial relations, persuading them for referrals even without incentives will work well for you.

It's also not a big issue in asking a satisfied customer for his or her help in spreading the good service you are offering. A satisfied customer is more happy and willing to talk about good services as they want to appear to be experts who know what is good and what's bad. Sometimes, you can also ask them to post their opinion at a review website or your own social network pages.


The word of mouth marketing method is just like any other methods successful businesses employ. The driving force still remains great service/products and it is upon this foundation you build your brand and positive relationships with your customers. Having quality products and service is primary and if you can continue to offer an excellent customer experience, you can be sure that your fans can take care of the promotional work without even asking them


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