Skype Translator can now speak in Italian and Mandarin

Skype Translator can now speak in Italian and Mandarin

The marvel of technological advancement is being integrated with almost most of the established software these days. Recently, the impressive Skype’s Translator, which has been able to translate spoken and written languages in real-time manner, just got better after Microsoft added additional support for more languages -  including that of Mandarin and Italian.

The Skype Translator is now almost equivalent to the Babel Fish. The public preview has been on for some time now and most of them are positive. The testers and participants have poured in their feedback to the company and now Skype Translator is getting better support for extra languages.

From now on, users of real-time voice translation will be able to use the Italian and the Mandarin versions in addition to English and Spanish. The system is also capable of translating to and from all the four languages.

When it comes to written messages, the Skype Translator team recently added support for languages like Serbian, Croatian, Maya and Otomi. Some usability updates like automatic volume control and a feature to mute the translated voice (which are requests from users) have been accommodated.

Despite the good news, the software has a lot of room for improvement before it actually becomes a real universal translator. However, the amount of work and effort Microsoft is doing with this software is laudable. It is a great and promising product.


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